UV Light Meter Calibration


As light meter calibration specialists, all G&R Labs light meter calibration services are traceable to the National Bureau of Standards (NIST) with a +/- 0.5% in-house standard for radiometric calibrations and an in-house +/- 1.0% traceability for photometric calibrations. The 3 Sigma accuracy to the calibrated probe is +/-3.0% maximum, but G&R Labs standard is a +/-1.0% window from calibration to calibration.  Calibration certificates are issued with all new calibrations and included within the calibration cost.


G and R Labs - Over 30 Years of Instrumentation Design and Calibration Experience

G&R Labs offers NIST traceable calibrations for light meters and light meter probe combinations ranging from 220nm to 1100nm.

G&R Labs services include:

  • UVA light meter calibration
  • UVB light meter calibration
  • UVC light meter calibration
  • Laser wavelengths
  • LED wavelengths
  • Custom wavelengths

In addition to offering light meter calibration for our light meters, G&R Labs calibrates most light meter manufacturers such as OAI, Nikon, Delta OHM, Karl Suss, ABM, JBA, Ultratek, Neutronix/Quintel, and many more. Nikon Meter/probes are calibrated to the Nikon US calibration standard. Also, G&R Labs provides photometric (eye response) calibrations for the majority of photometric meters on the market. Photometric calibrations are calibrated in Footcandles, Lux, Footlamberts, cd/m², etc.

One-Day Turnaround NIST traceable calibrations

G&R Lab has a one day standard turnaround time policy for meter calibrations.  Ship it overnight to G&R Labs Monday and you can be back up and running by Wednesday.


G&R Labs light meter equipment is manufactured in an ISO 9001-2008 facility. We also have an ISO 9001-2008 certification for our calibration and assembly operation.

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