Are All UV Light Meters The Same – Fact or Fiction Part 2

UV Light Measurement The next major area to be considered in the UV light journey is actually measuring the quality and quantity of the UV light source output. As you probably have experienced in 3d printing, if your exposure is too little (measured in mj/cm2), the result is loss of time and scrapped materials. The […]

Are all UV Light Meters the Same – Fact or Fiction Part 1

It is not the questions you know to ask that gets you into trouble. Most often it’s the questions you don’t know to ask that do. Such is the case with UV light. We understand UV light is necessary in 3d printing, UV curing, or medical applications. However, what do we really know about the […]

Model 222 Specifically Designed for the Autodesk Ember

G&R Labs and the Autodesk Ember folks specifically designed this UV light meter, the Model 222, to be used in conjunction with the Ember 3d printing system. The Model 222 is the standard measurement instrument to monitor the Ember’s UV light source output in both intensity (mw/cm2) and energy (mj/cm2).

Model 221 Specifically Designed for Stratsys/Object 3d Printers

Stratsys/Object contacted G&R Labs seeking a UV light meter designed specifically to measure the intensity (mw/cm2) and energy (mj/cm2) for their 3d printer products. The Model 221 was created and is the Stratsys/Objet standard measurement instrument when monitoring their 3d printer UV light source.