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G&R Labs offers you the correct digital uv light meter and probes – UVA, UVB, UVC, and near infrared – for all of your UV light measurement applications.   G&R Labs UV light meters are designed for UV applications such as 3d Printing, UV Curing, Medical, UV Sterilization, UV Disinfection, Adhesion, Steppers and Scanners.  As a world leader in manufacturing of UV light meters,  G&R Labs emphasizes accuracy, repeatability, interchangeable probes traceable to NIST standards when measuring UV wavelengths ranging from 220nm to 540nm.  A Calibration Certificate to an NIST standard is issued when purchasing a new meter or when re-calibration is required.
Stratasys(Objet): The Model 221 is the measurement meter designed, in conjunction, with Stratasys(Objet) for their 3D printers.
Autodesk Ember: The Model 222 is the measurement meter designed, in conjunction, with Autodesk for the Ember 3d printer.
3d Systems: The Model 221 and probe is the measurement meter designed, in conjunction, with an end user, for use with their 3d System printers.

All light meters and light meter probes are manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 certified conditions.

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UV Light Meters – Calibration Specialists


One day is standard turnaround time for calibrations.

Stratasys(Objet): G&R Labs is the calibration specialists for the Model 221 used with the Stratasys(Objet) 3D printers.
Autodesk-Ember: G&R Labs is the calibration specialists for the Model 222 used with the Autodesk Ember 3D printer.

G&R Labs strict calibration procedures apply to UV, Laser and LED wavelengths ranging from 220nm to 1100nm.  Carefully developed standards for either broadband or narrow band wavelength responses are accurate and repeatable.

All calibration services are traceable to the National Bureau of Standards (NIST) with a +/- 0.5% in-house standard for radiometric calibrations and an in-house +/- 1.0% standard for photometric calibrations. The 3 Sigma accuracy to the calibrated probe is +/-3.0% maximum. However, G&R Labs standard is a +/-1.0% window from calibration to calibration.

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