FAQs About Our UV Light Meters


Do you design meters for other companies?
Yes we have meters that we manufacture for other companies with their name on the meter.

Do you design probes for special applications?
Yes we design probes for special applications and have a variety of special probes already designed.

Do you take trade-ins?
We will consider trade ins to give a better price on a new meter.

Do you repair other meters?
We do repair other meters but if they cannot be repaired we can use your probe with one of our meters and save you money on a new meter.

Whose meters do you calibrate?
We calibrate most of the manufactures- OAI, Nikon, Perkin Elmer, Karl Suss, ABM, Quintel, Mimir, UVP, E Foss and more.

What is your calibration turn around time?
One day plus shipping time unless there is a repair then usually one extra day.

What is your delivery time?
Usually from stock to 3 days.

How high can I measure?
We measure up to 100W/CM2 or 100 watts (underfill).

What wavelengths can I measure?
220nm, 248nm, 254nm, 260nm, 280nm, 310nm, 365nm, 400nm, 420nm, 540nm, and more with any meter.

Can you measure exposure time (shutter time)?
Models 320 and 400 measure exposure time (shutter time) 0.1 millisecond to 10,000 milliseconds (10 seconds).

What meters measure mj/cm2?
Models 220, 320 and 400 measure both MW/CM2 and MJ/CM2 from 0.1 MJ/CM2 to 10,000 MJ/CM2.

What meters measure mw/cm2?
All the meters measure MW/CM2 from .01MW/CM2 to 100W/CM2.