Light Meter Certification

NIST Traceable UV Light Meter/Radiometer Calibration

G&R Labs has a Spectrum Detector Optical Radiometer as our Master Standard. The standard is calibrated to a Trap Detector at 632.8nm to an accuracy of +/-0.5%. The Hemispherical Spectral Reflectance Factor for the master standard has been measured and the correction factor for each wavelength is in the computer program used with the Master Standard. Secondary working standards are calibrated from the master standard for each detector wavelength. The transfer is made with the intent of having no error but +/-1.0% is really the best that can be done considering light source variations and other factors. To be absolutely within a window we state a +/-3.0% variation from NIST to the probe being calibrated. In actuality we calibrate the customer probes to the exact value of the Secondary Standard and we have on many occasions probes that are calibrated six month to a year later read the exact same value as the secondary standard it was initially set to. It is common to have probes stay within a +/-1.0% window. We can calibrate probes to read within 1% of each other. Our photometric standard is set to a a +/-1.0% probe pair calibrated by NIST.

ISO 9001-2008 Light Meter Manufacturer

Our Meters are manufactured in an ISO 9001-2008 Facility. We control the component buy to make sure the components are to our specifications. As an example, we use either 0.1% or 1% metal film resistors in our meters to help with interchangeability of meters. Spending a little more on components keeps the quality up and our meters last for many years. We have an ISO 9001-2008 certification for G&R Labs which covers all of our operations including calibrations.

Quality Manual (pdf)

ISO 9001-2008 Certification (pdf)