UV Light Meter Probes

Standard UV Light Meter Probe

G and R Labs - Probe-Standard

The standard probe used with most of the meters is our hockey puck probe. The probe is 1.62 inch (41.1mm) in diameter by 0.59inch (15mm) thick. The probe has a 0.300inch (7.62mm) diameter measurement opening.

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Dual Channel UV Light Meter Probe

G and R Labs - Dual Channel Probe

The Dual Channel Probe has the same dimensions as the single channel probe, 1.62 inch (41.1mm) diameter by 0.59 (15mm) thick. The probe has two 0.300 inch (7.62) diameter measurement openings. You can use two different wavelengths in this probe. The probe works with the Model 202 or with Model 320 meters.

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Nikon Stepper Probe

G and R Labs - Nikon Probe

The Nikon Probe works on the Nikon Stepper. The probe has been designed to fit in the probe mount. The two wavelengths that Nikon operates in are 365nm and 436nm. Calibration is usually to the Nikon standard but the probe can be calibrated to NIST.

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Ultratek Meter Probe

G and R Labs - Ultratek Probe

The Ultratek Probe Design has the two built in mounting screws. The wavelengths are either 365nm or 420nm. The calibration is to NIST. There is alterations in this package size that can be used in other applications.

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Wand/Quartz Rod Probes

G and R Labs - Wand/Quartz Rod Probe

Wand/Quartz Rod Probes are used to measure light in hard to reach locations. They are used in many UV Curing applications because they can get to the focal point of the light. In most applications the 365nm wavelengths is used but there is no wavelength restrictions.

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