Model 222

UV Light Meter

“Autodesk 3d Printer –  The Model 222 is the measurement and calibration UV light meter used for the Autodesk 3D Printer.

Measurements are selectable between MW/CM² or MJ/CM². In the MJ/CM2 mode, the measurement displays total accumulated MJ/CM2.

  • Intensity: Range scale – 1.00 to 199.99 MW/CM2
  • Energy: Range scale – 1.00 to 199.99 MJ/CM2 Accumulated

The probe wavelength

  • UV: 405nm
  • UV: 385nm is also available and must be specified

Light Meter Specifications

Switch Functions:

  • Power-On
  • MW/CM2, MJ/CM2
  • Reset

Display: LCD 4.5 digit with low battery.

  • MW/CM2: 1 to 199.99 MW/CM2
  • MJ/CM2: 1 to 199.99 MJ/CM2

NIST Traceability: ±3.0%


  • Each range scale is linear to <1%
  • Instrument to Instrument calibration error is <1%
  • Probes are calibrated to +/- 1% to each other at the same wavelength and are interchangeable
  • With all new calibrations a Calibration Certificate is included

Power: One standard 9-volt battery.

Meter Dimensions:

  • 6.0 in. × 2.95 in. × 1.28 in.
  • Sheet Metal casing and comes in Pelican case




Meets all the requirements of IEC, UL, and CSA.
G&R Labs Sensor Spectral Ranges


Please consult with Autodesk.