Model 200

Intensity Meter Features

The Model 200 is design for those applications requiring accurately measuring MW/CM2 or W/CM2.  Application’s such as 3d Printing, UV Curing, UV Disinfection, Area Exposure, Photolithography, and Medical are ideal for this UV light meter.  All probes are calibrated independently from the meter unit, are interchangeable, and traceable to NIST standards. Measurement range is from 1.00 MW/CM2 to 19.999 W/CM2 (20W/CM2) in two scale positions.  The peak switch allows measuring and holding the maximum reading that the probe encounters. The probe wavelengths available are:

  • Near UV: 365nm, 400nm, 420nm, and 436nm
  • Mid UV: 300nm
  • Deep UV: 220nm, 254nm, 260nm, and 280nm
  • Custom wavelength are also possible

Light Meter Specifications

Switch Functions:

  • Power-On
  • Peak-On
  • 200 MW/CM2-20.0 W/CM2

Diplay: LCD 4,5 digit with low battery.


  • 200 MW/CM2-1.00 MW/CM2 to 199.99 MW/CM2
  • 20.0 W/CM2-.100 W/CM2 to 19.999 W/CM2

Power:  One standard 9-volt battery. Probe Wavelengths:  <220nm to 540nm and more> NIST Traceability:  ±3.0% Calibrations:

  • Each range scale is linear to <1%
  • Instrument to Instrument calibration error is <1%
  • Probes are calibrated to +/- 1% to each other at the same wavelength and are interchangeable
  • With all new calibrations a Calibration Certificate is included

Meter Dimensions:

  • 6.0 in. × 2.75 in. × 1.13 in.
  • Sheet Metal casing and it comes in carrying case


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